Our Commitment


We will be the first to tell you that we are not perfect. We will make mistakes and in a service industry not all deliveries will run smoothly. We cannot control the weather, traffic congestion or fuel prices. These factors, along with technical problems and other operational issues can result in delays, price volatility and less than perfect performance. This doesn't mean we don't care.


If problems occur, we will do our best to keep you informed whilst we resolve the challenge.


1. We are committed to delivering your consignments safely and on time.

We monitor our performance constantly and have an extensive set of internal key performance indicators to guide us.


2. We are committed to the constant and never-ending improvement of our products and services.

We are always looking for strategies to add value to the customer experience. This is seen by our ongoing delivery of superior, more efficient and less expensive ways to do business with us. We are focused on the long term. We reinvest over 90% of our profits back into our various businesses, into new depots, new equipment and new technology.


3. We are committed to providing value for money.

The customer’s perception is always the priority. We deliver more added value than our competitors.


4. We are committing to protecting your personal information.

We treat personal information with the utmost security. Read our privacy policy


5. We are committed to look after you if you have an unusual requirement or specific needs.

We believe in remaining flexible and open at all times. We have built our business successfully on doing all we can to ensure our customers are well looked after and satisfied.


Ask for help on Special Handling


Download Special Handling Request pdf  SHR


6. We are committed to remain available if you need help.

We care, we believe in proactive communication. Nothing is too small or insignificant. We love taking care of all the details.


The heart of Hunter Express is found in our Core Values

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