Service Alerts

UPDATE: Perth Delays from 07/01/2020
Due to congestion on the mainline from Sydney as of January 7th 2020, all freight travelling to Perth will see delays. Hunter Express will strive to begin delivery of these items from Tuesday, January 14th.

ALERT: Delays due to hazardous conditions in Northern NSW
Due to catastrophic fire conditions in Northern NSW we are experiencing delays to all deliveries into Queensland. We are monitoring these conditions closely and will ensure we are doing everything we can in order to minimise disruptions to customers affected during this time.

In our ongoing pursuit for greater customer satisfaction we have marked another upgrade off our checklist, that being the national upgrade of our telephony system. The new system allows for greater coverage regardless of where our staff are located around the country. With all new technology comes the settling in period, staff are currently being up-skilled to use the system, and training with other internal systems is ongoing. The obvious benefit is the greatly reduced waiting times for our customers and their clients, which is in line with our company vision of supporting our customer’s brands.

Hunter Express is going GREEN.
It is part of the Hunter Express vision to give back to our industry, our community and in its own small way make the world a better place. We are very conscious of protecting our planet and the impact logistics companies in Australia have on our environment. We already have an active recycling programme in all our sites nationally. In addition, we are lifting our game with a commitment to SOLAR power and LED lighting within our warehouses. This year we are undertaking a major solar panel programme roll out at 5 of our largest depots. These solar panels will help reduce not only our electricity bills by 40% but also our carbon footprint by almost 1000 tonnes of Co2 per annum. We are very proud to take on this initiative and playing a part in creating a cleaner future for generations to come.